Monday, February 20, 2012

February Cakes :: Take 1

February is a busy month for cakes.  Fortunately I have a baking buddy that doesn't make fun of me given innumerable opportunities to.  You see, I can get super jazzed about a fondant fish....I can also get super psycho if the buttercream isn't thick enough.  So it goes without saying that Sara's patience and kindness is much appreciated.

We have made several cakes so far this month.  The first of which is the fishing cake:

Next up is a karate cake, designed by Sara:

And finally, one of my favorite cakes ever--Lightening McQueen:

This cake went off without a hitch and I think I have figured out the key to successful cake baking--80's music.  This all makes perfect sense seeing as my first cake was the 80s themed cake!

Several cakes are yet to come this month so stay tuned.  And as always...happy baking!